“Nonconform doesn’t just create architecture – Nonconform creates spaces of possibilities, empowers people, envisions futures, develops landmark projects, and executes them with planning expertise.”

In 2021, we successfully underwent a process with the Nonconform team, where we seamlessly integrated organizational development and brand development. Our objective was to define distinct target audiences and messages, and consistently address them through digital channels.

This image shows the nonconform logo.

nonconform is in town and country. We are teachers and students. We love details and still keep the big picture in mind.

The research included participatory architectural and digital offerings in Europe and the USA.

A photo of the Hotel Prater Glacis in Vienna.

The nonconform team. Photo: Hilzensauer

A photo of the Hotel Prater Glacis in Vienna.

Maria Hall concept. Graphic: nonconform

A series of workshops resulted in the developing of a storyline and a clear communication strategy. The subsequent revision of the corporate identity led to redesigning of the website and implementing distinct communication structures across digital channels.

Existing photos of architectural projects, graphics, illustrations, and plans were systematically revised and aligned with the new storyline and visual quality.

Photo: Matanovic / Nigrodsc

The Hotel Prater Glacis. Photo: Kurt Hörbst

This photo shows a computer running the zoom program.

Nonconform operates at seven locations in Germany and Austria. Several online workshops and a questionnaire helped to involve all participants in the process.

This picture shows documents from an Identity Lab workshop.

Finding ideas, planning, developing and implementing projects in a participatory manner.

A photo of the communal living B.R.O.T Pressbaum.

Communal living B.R.O.T Pressbaum. Photo: Kurt Hörbst

The website was based on the newly created Communication Strategy 2021.