We develop strategic communication for corporate culture, innovation and transformation.

Greening, automation, and digitization: Our society is facing extensive challenges. But how can we deal with these? We consider our work to be comprehensive, not only helping companies define and communicate content but also integrating it into their structures in the long term.

Design Strategy: Tactical thinking in the process

Asking the right questions and answering them.

We work cooperatively with our customers. Through targeted questions, we support them in achieving their business and corporate goals. We use our design and communication skills to help solve problems.

To implement a strategy, you need a methodology, a framework, a roadmap, and a mindset.

Communication Strategy

Clear messages: defined, placed and communicated efficiently.

A communication strategy defines who we will talk to, why we will speak to them, how and when we will talk to them, what form of communication the content should take, and what channels we should use.

It is the key to consistent messaging and narrative for any business or brand.

Where do we stand?

  • Little differentiation of offerings?
  • Blanket customer approach?
  • Many communication channels?

Where do we want to go?

  • Offers with a clear customer advantage!
  • Understandable messages!
  • A brand voice in all channels!

How do we get there?

Content Strategy

Create and use content efficiently in communication.

A successful content strategy is a system in which audio, visual, or textual content can be reused to efficiently achieve business and communication goals.

  • What content formats do we use?
  • In which channels do we publish?
  • How do we create and publish content?

Brand Strategy

Strategic building of products and brands.

Connecting different departments, perspectives, and cultures is essential in product and brand development. We offer advice and support in this process and contribute our strategic communication expertise.

Design Management

Even the best plan needs the right people to implement it.

Design management encompasses the ongoing processes, business decisions and strategies to create successful communications.

We support our clients in streamlining their internal PR and design teams and manage the process with external designers, developers and strategists.

The quality of an offer is reflected in realizing things that work and touch people.

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