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transformative communication & design

Identity Lab is a design and communication partner for forward-thinking brands and companies.

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Workshop and meeting room of Identity Lab
Philip Reitsperger, founder of the communication studio Identity Lab, at work in the studio.

Studio Vienna

Mariahilfer Straße 9/8
1060 Vienna, Austria
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Workshop and meeting room of Identity Lab

Content, strategy, design: we work in a connective way.

Icon for Wesbite
A mountain panorama in the Lungau.
This picture shows the sections of the building.

Young Austria

A youth hotel in Lungau becomes a senior residence.

How a hotel is transforming itself to embrace the future of hospitality.

This picture shows the Musikverein in Vienna.
This picture shows the Musikverein in Vienna.

Wiener Musikverein

Renewal of an institution’s digital presence.

A traditional concert hall in Vienna is renewing its digital communication.


Precise technology with precise communication.

How a hidden hero of the metal fabrication industry repositions services and businesses.

This picture shows an employee of Trob.
This photo shows many small metal parts.

Kastner Ag

How do you bring a 120-year-old print shop into the future?

A generational change in the management team necessitated a comprehensive repositioning of the media company.

This picture shows an employee of Kastner AG.
This picture shows a page of the sales folder of Kastner AG.


Combining digital and analog communication channels?

How participatory architects strive for consistency in communication.

This picture shows the nonconform team.
A photo of the Hotel Prater Glacis in Vienna.


Holistic communication? Definition, creation, implementation.

Our approach to communications work is divided into three areas that build on each other. Together, they lead to greater efficiency:

Identity and Design Development.

Identity and Design Development.

Based on strategic orientation, we design the character and appearance of brands, projects, restaurants, service providers, and places.

Text work


Logo of Young Austria
Brand Narrative for Woom
Identity Design Spatial Design for Central Saint Martins London
Logo of the company Uber
Market Research, Identity Design, Communication Strategy, Communication Design, Design Management and Screen Design for Trob
Identity Design, Communication Design and Screen Design for the company Clevamama
Communication Desing and Communication Consultancy for SOS Children's Villages
Design Driven Innovation as part of an innovation team for Swiss Post
Brand Architecture for the media company Brutkasten
This picture shows the logo of the Musikverein.
Communication Design and Editorial Design for Theater an der Wien
Communication Consultancy, Design Management and Screen Design for the company nonconform

Blog Posts

Cyber attack? 4 steps to secure a website!

Cyber attacks - not the exception, but the rule. Hacker attacks destroy websites, steal customer data, encrypt entire IT systems of companies and thus cause considerable economic damage. In Austria, the number of ransomware attacks has increased sharply. According to...

Strategy and communication for SMEs.

What is a communication strategy? The term communication strategy is challenging and often uncharted territory for SMEs. Yet it conceals essential considerations for long-term success and authentic communications work. In short, a communication strategy defines...

The Kingdom of God: Brand Architecture.

What is brand architecture, and what is it suitable for? Brand architecture is an organisation's strategic structure of offerings, products and labels. It shows their points of contact and demarcation. Imagine you throw a stone into a lake. If the rock falls into the...

Branding SME: How to make your brand stand out.

Everyone knows what branding is, right? Branding is the strategic development of a brand. Branding uses communication and marketing to create an independent image that is distinguishable from competitors. Through branding, specific characteristics are attributed to...

Lost in translation in communication?

What is coherence and consistency in communication? In communication, coherency describes the structural quality of content. Coherency is high if the content works well regarding its logical structure. Consistency, on the other hand, represents the content's aesthetic...

Cats and dishwashing liquid: what do humans want?

Socioeconomic milieu studies provide an overview. What people want has to do with their social and economic environment. Every day, they tell each other who they are and where they belong through their consumption decisions. Milieu studies provide an overview of which...

6 ways to communicate effectively and successfully.

First things first: What is communication? In the literature, communication is defined as the exchange of information. This happens between one and a second person, groups or people and their environment. Two levels make up communication. Communication works on two...

Rich Uncle Pennybags: budgets and resources?

Communication goals! This is important! It is often challenging for medium-sized companies to define their communication goals. Focus on "the real work" and lack of specialist know-how prevent this. As a result, companies and organisations become dependent on...

Drinks, interesting people and inspiring conversations?

Starting in February 2023, we will invite entrepreneurs, researchers, artists and creatives to our studio in Vienna once every six months. We provide drinks and music, exciting topics, an open approach and a desire for discourse.

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