Branding and identity? Not smooth and slippery, but with corners, edges and character!

In contrast to other design offices and advertising providers, we work personally and intensively with clients. This is how we create highly individualized solutions with a claim to uniqueness and design.

Branding, a definition:

Develop brands to win customer loyalty.

Our services

Branding is a comprehensive process that consists of various sub-services. Research, strategy and development – depending on the context, we contribute our expertise.

  • Brand strategy development
  • Development of the brand message
  • Brand names and slogan creation
  • Visual Design Systems
  • Creation of brand style guides
  • Development of the brand voice
  • Development of brand architecture
  • Market research and analysis

Brand Identity

The visual and emotional elements that make up a brand.

A clear brand identity creates quick recognition and clear messages, analogue and digital, and thus a uniform and trustworthy appearance. We develop new and sharpen existing market presences.

Visual Design Systems

Consistent and uniform appearance.

A straightforward design system is a prerequisite for quick recognition and clear messages. This results in a uniform and trustworthy appearance that promotes the recognition and loyalty of the target group.

We create design systems for all communication channels and summarize them in brand guidelines for local and international markets.

brand architecture

The strategic structure of offers, products and labels.

Where do they overlap messages and target groups? What different business models do brand structures offer? We help brands, offers and services to position themselves sensibly.

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This image shows an illustration of a woman.

Brand strategy and brand messages

address target groups specifically.

Brand messages should be developed for each target group, as customer needs and expectations can differ depending on the target group.

We help to determine target groups, work with their needs and messages and construct messages in such a way that they also generate resonance.

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This image shows an illustration of a woman.
This image shows an illustration of a Hermes bag in Vienna.

Market research and analysis

With an outline for the creation of innovative products and more robust communication.

A better understanding of target groups, identification of market opportunities, development of products and services, and improvement of marketing strategy.


Market Research, Identity Design, Communication Strategy, Communication Design, Design Management and Screen Design for Trob
Identity Design, Communication Design and Screen Design for the company Clevamama
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