Persona UX: What does the upper middle class think?

by | Apr 19, 2023

Developing products or services that meet the needs and preferences of specific segments of society can be challenging. In this article, we introduce four upper-class personalities. Each has different characteristics that help better understand their needs and concerns.

This picture shows an elderly man in a suit.

The old structurally conservative elite.

David is 78 years old. He believes in success and responsibility. He thinks he has both in his own hands. His life is built on living and showing his status as an educated and wealthy man. He wants exclusivity and orderly processes. Postmodern frills are not his thing. David likes to belong in the “right” circles. What he doesn’t like are things that don’t make sense, like projections of videos in the opera, because what’s the point?

This image shows an illustration of a business woman.

The globally oriented and modern elite.

Simone is 52 years old. She believes in efficiency and innovation. Problems that exist are here to be solved. She is liberal and cosmopolitan in orientation and stands for personal responsibility. She loves exclusive objects and consumer goods of high culture and is digitally affine. Simone likes the quality and aura of high quality. What she doesn’t like is when products don’t keep up with the times. Nowadays, excellent digital solutions must exist in all areas of her life.

This image features an illustration of a woman with long white hair.

The individualistic lifestyle avant-garde.

Matilda is 51 years old. She sees herself as a progressive realist. What does that mean? She is optimistic about the future despite knowing the significant challenges ahead. A sustainable lifestyle without renunciation ideology – that’s her thing. Matilda likes it when some new exciting events and products surprise and fascinate her. What she doesn’t like is a dusty image and the pretentious arrogance of some people.

This image features an illustration of an elderly man with his arms folded.

The system-critical former middle-class.

Ferdinand is 63 years old. He wants secure conditions. After all the back and forth through Corona and war, he wants everything to go back to the way it was because it was a good thing! He is the “middle class” that supports this country and that is why the state has to support him too! Because where do we get to when even people like us can no longer afford what they are entitled to. Ferdinand likes products with tradition and history – because here the world is still in order. What he doesn’t like? Do everything online!

This image features an illustration of an elderly man sitting in the garden.

The cosmopolitan critics.

Committed! Sovereign! Roland is 58 and belongs to the educated elite with post-material roots. He is self-determined and wants a pluralistic world, non-discriminatory and diverse. He is the social corrective, someone has to be, and he does it better than others. Roland likes it when young people become involved in art and culture. That’s important because how else are they supposed to do it? He doesn’t find the political opportunism in our country particularly significant.