mark & leòn

Tradition as the basis for a modern label.

Italian cashmere fashion for the Urban Explorer.

Project Context

mark & ​​leòn was founded in 2016 by two Italian entrepreneurs who wanted affordable, high-quality cashmere clothing and could not find what they were looking for. Coming from an Italian village specializing in the processing of cashmere, they decided to launch a brand that combined their rural origins with the international nature of the team. They developed a men’s collection with timeless design and positioned between business fashion and casual wear.

The joint brand positioning as well as the development of corporate identity and launch campaign were the first steps we took together. The challenge was to position a cashmere brand not as a luxury brand, like their competition, but as an affordable, modern brand without a middleman.

The collaboration went far beyond evolving a brand identity and led to close collaboration with management and fashion designers. Each product development step was integrated into the branding process and vice versa. All means of communication were built to appeal to the target group “Urban Explorers”, men who are in need of high-quality business wear, but also want to hike a mountain on the weekend.


A mixture of attitude, origin, and love for cashmere and design became the content wireframe for the website.


Colors, shapes, and stories surrounding the first collection were developed in close collaboration with mark & ​​leòn and the designer Theresa Erlach.


In addition to the basic designs such as business equipment, labels, and packaging, the lookbook has become an essential tool for visualizing brand positioning. The focus was on the duality of urban life and a relationship to nature, as well as between “business and leisure”.


Blank Manuskript |
Visual Identity

Internationally successful, Blank Manuskript released their third album, “Himmelfahrt”, in 2020.