Nature digitized and turned into a successful business

3D scans that conquer the world.

Project Context

Real Displacement Textures is a new technology that allows for digitalization of high-res textures for 3D printing. Christoph Schindelar, with his company RD-Textures, was one of the first 3D artists in the world to scan and digitize these high-res 3D textures. Using specially developed technology, analogue, urban and natural surfaces are recorded and then digitized. The textures have become indispensable in advertising, animation and the gaming industry.

In 2017, RD-Textures made the leap from start-up to a professional brand.

The task for IDL was to analyze global competition and find a positioning for the brand and its products. In addition to the main communication tool – an e-commerce solution – we were asked to develop the brand’s appearance. The corporate identity and communication strategy of the company were jointly developed and defined.

The new market positioning and brand identity focus entirely on the product and the individual textures. The mix of digital products, nature and the uniqueness of the technology become the core imaging of the brand experience.

Similarly, examples of the community working with the products are given a prominent platform. Usability remains at the heart of brand experience and RD-Textures has been able to find users, partners, collaborators and fans around the world.


The natural textures and digital products were deliberately juxtaposed with an unnatural color scheme and strict formal language.

Light and shadow

The 3D textures of RD-Textures are optimally experienced with the moving image, with good lighting and shading. Concrete applications (also from the community) became part of the Corporate Identity.


Simplicity and clarity of the Corporate Identity, as well as the online presence and web shop, were essential. The applicability and uniqueness of RD-Textures technology is still the focus of brand positioning today.

Blank Manuskript |
Visual Identity

Internationally successful, Blank Manuskript released their third album, “Himmelfahrt”, in 2020.