In search of a Calling.

A magazine for finding an identity.

IT’S A PASSION THING is a project that came alive all by itself. After more than fifteen years of working with inspiring people and brands, it became clear that their stories should be shared and celebrated. The outcome: a magazine around the themes of identity, passion, aptitude, and success that gets published twice a year

and aims to inspire more people to follow their passions. IT’S A PASSION THING tries to answer the question of how to create good editorial design while still providing space for the individuality of the interviewees.

So the design concept of the magazine is simple: a grid and flexible design basics. Within this framework, each interviewee is in the limelight in such a way that his or her character becomes clearly perceptible, Within this framework, an attempt is made to put each interviewee in the scene and design in such a way that his character becomes noticeably clear, but nevertheless, an overarching togetherness remains apparent.

Sales will not only be classically distributed through publishers and newsstands; rather, the magazine should be found wherever passion is being thought about.


The magazine is published in an edition of 2.000 copies and is sold online and in magazine stores around the world.


The design as well as the photography for each article are fully oriented toward the individuality of the interviewee. The design grid is simple, but can be varied and filled depending on the character and characteristics of the subject.


The style of photography is always documentary. The images accompany the reader, beyond the ordinary portrait, to provide a look “behind the scenes”.

Blank Manuskript |
Visual Identity

Internationally successful, Blank Manuskript released their third album, “Himmelfahrt”, in 2020.