Kastner AG

German printing culture – rewind and repeat or change.

How do you bring a 120-year-old German printing house into the future?

Project Context

Due to increasing competition with online providers and a generational change in management, the media house Kastner AG had to reposition itself in the market. The family-owned company with 120 years of tradition had to assert itself as an innovative digital media developer and producer on the German market without losing its regional identity and sense of historical significance.

The first step was to analyze the company and its growth over time in a fundamental way. The company had offered different services and products over previous decades, but these were not perceived by customers as differentiated. The task was to develop a brand strategy that could be implemented within the following five years.

As part of the repositioning of the company, the products and services offered were assigned to clear business areas. Work and production processes were newly established and a strategic positioning of the company within the market was redefined and implemented.

Positioning and strategy

The first step, made in cooperation with Kastner AG, was an investment in the development of existing business areas. This was followed by the development of the brand DNA in the form of company positioning and a timetable for the implementation of the measures.

Logo development

Based on the positioning, the existing company logo was redesigned. This led to clearer structures and correspondence with the logo typeface. The lines already existing in the old logo under the company name have been reproportioned. They are an important image that stands for the development and connection between the company and the customers: Kastner AG combines services available across the media industry and creates tailor-made offers for customers.

Naming and Claiming

Visual language

In addition to the textual development, the corporate design was supplemented by colors, typographical elements, icons and illustrations.

Brand Manual

All design specifications were summarized in an interactive brand manual. This allowed Kastner AG to store all information, files and design templates in one place.

Image Language

The developed visual language focuses on the employees and their skills. It is intended to show the company for what it is: a place of production.

Philip Reitsperger
Judith Banerjee

Communication material

Online communication

Branded Spaces

The brand identity was transferred to company buildings and exhibition rooms.

Blank Manuskript |
Visual Identity

Internationally successful, Blank Manuskript released their third album, “Himmelfahrt”, in 2020.