Brand development for baby products from Ireland.

Brand development for baby products from Ireland.

Project Context

Clevamama, an Irish manufacturer of products for children and toddlers, has been working on its new, internationalized product portfolio since 2016. A market position was defined based on five test markets in cooperation with Studio INTO, a London-based user research agency.

The task for IDL was to create an internationally functioning visual identity based on the company’s Brand DNA. This needed to include the necessary level of guidelines as well as flexibility, so that the in-house design team and other partner companies could take over the development.

The solution was the definition of four communication worlds: typography, color, image and illustration/icons. These were summarized in the form of guidelines and possible applications in online, packaging and print in an interactive brand manual.

Initial Situation

Competitor products and brands were analyzed in partnership with Studio INTO, using and building on their research.

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Design Phase

In the first phase of the project several visual models were developed. These models created a foundation for defining the future brand identity together with the customer and a select group of consumers.

Logo Development

Clevamama’s logo represents the two sides of product design for the modern mother: a straightforward, innovative and intelligent approach, and the “mama feeling” of intuitive, loving and caring parenting.

Brand Manual

The Brand Manual summarizes all the rules for the logo, the typography, the color usage, the image and illustration languages, and future packaging and web design. In addition, it contains the essential orientations of the company: vision, mission, values, user needs and market positioning.

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