The Lightbridge

Austrian innovation for a world market.

Rethinking light equipment for film and television.

Project Context

The Light Bridge is an Austrian tech company with roots in the film industry. Christian Berger, a renowned Austrian cameraman, developed a new breed of reflectors for film and television together with his first lighting specialist Jakob Ballinger. These reflectors revolutionize the usage and quality of lighting on any film set. The surfaces of the C-Reflectors re-think light and its physics in general, in order to completely redesign film sets and work with a new kind of natural light. They make it easier, faster and more space-saving to light any set.

Positioning this extreme niche product required more than the simple development of a corporate design. The challenge of introducing The Light Bridge to the market was to introduce and explain a new product this technically specific, while demonstrating its simplicity and applicability.

The strategy and communication of The Light Bridge were targeted at the top 10% of the film industry from the very beginning. Great filmmakers and their crews were thrilled about the products. Keys to the market launch were fairs, lectures, training sessions and a close exchange with the users of the products. “From people in the industry to people in the industry” was the motto that shaped all design and communication decisions, and continues to determine the strategy of The Light Bridge and its products.


For the product launch, a spot was produced that put the C-Lab in the center. The mobile lighting lab shows how the new reflectors work. This invented lab is not only used in moving images but also in print, at events and at training courses around the world.

Applied DESIGN

In addition to the classic Corporate Identity, the packaging design was developed together with The Light Bridge.

Holistic DESIGN

Technical products require a great deal of information and information design. We worked closely with The Light Bridge on their product development and the communicative explanation of business innovation.


Filmmakers, directors and DOPs around the world are now working with The Light Bridge’s Cine Reflect Lighting System.

Blank Manuskript |
Visual Identity

Internationally successful, Blank Manuskript released their third album, “Himmelfahrt”, in 2020.