Dennis Kastner

Dennis is Managing Director of Kastner AG in Germany. Kastner AG is a media house dedicated to the development, production and publishing of media.

MA Innovation Management | Central Saint Martins London

As a communications designer, Dennis gained experience in Latin America during the first years of his career. Dennis has worked for respected agencies like Rappi, Neogama and Grey. He then studied at Central Saint Martins London, where he dedicated himself to preparing for his future field of work, continuing the tradition of five generations of his family.

Since 2017, Dennis has been a member of the Board of Management of Kastner AG and manages the family-owned company. His ambition is to effectively combine innovation and tradition. With his visionary understanding of the challenges, he is promoting the transformation process of the company toward self-organization.

The connection with Identity Lab is another step toward one of his goals: to combine creation and production under one roof.