Let’s clarify what we are talking about.

Field of activity: Define

User Research

User research looks at people and their interactions with their environment, products and services, and evaluates their motivations and values. Observation and interviews are used.


Positioning refers to the location of a brand or product in the context of its environment. The precise position of the brand/product is differentiated by its actions, appearance and language compared to its competitors.

Brand DNA

Brand DNA is made up of the essential building blocks that create and define the core of a brand: mission, vision, attitude and customer promise.

Design Research

Design research refers to the methodical and structured research that we conduct during the development process of design solutions.

Strategic Design

Strategic design aims to increase a company’s innovation and competitiveness. Through analysis of external and internal trends, design decisions are made on the basis of commercial and economic facts.

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture reflects the structure of brands within an organization; it outlines the connection of individual brands to each other and their demarcation from one another within a company’s portfolio.

Communication Strategy

Communication strategy refers to the long-term structure and planning of all communication measures across all available channels of a brand.

Product Development

Product development is the process of launching a new product. This process usually consists of four levels: idea-finding – concept testing – development and testing – marketing.

Field of activity: Create

Brand Identity

Brand identity contains the visual elements, the tone of voice and behavior of a brand. Visual elements include typography, colors, logo, image and illustration language.

Naming and Claiming

Naming and Claiming refers to the creation of brand and product names as well as textual messages for conveying informative or promotional content.

Image Language

Within the framework of the image language of a brand or a product, specific information can be found about the content and aesthetic application of content to be visually communicated.

Illustration Language

Illustration language refers to the structured use of illustrative elements in connection with other design elements.

User Experience Design

User experience design describes the process of creating high value interactions for the user through ease of use, accessibility and practicality.

Web Development

Web development ranges from the development of simple, static web pages using text and image elements, to complex, web-based applications (apps), electronic sales systems and social networking services.

Branded Spaces

Branded spaces—digital or physical environments—create unique multisensory experiences that make a brand’s personality, values and messages tangible for customers.

Editorial Design

Editorial design describes the design of magazines, newspapers and books. In design practice, editorial design takes place in direct connection with editorial work.

Brand & Product Guidance

Brand & Product Guidance include the production of visual guides that help ensure a consistent appearance of a brand across all communication channels.

Field of activity: Implement

Project Planning

Project planning is dedicated to creating schedules and planning resources that support progress within a project.

Project Controlling

Project controlling is dedicated to defining project goals, budget and schedule. Project controlling ensures compliance and adapts to emerging circumstances during the development process.

Design Management

Design management combines project management, design and strategy. It supports the control of creative processes and the strategic use of design within an organization.

Resource Optimization

Resource optimization is dedicated to strategic analysis and adaptation of resources during a development process or within a team or company structure.

Design Lead

Design lead describes the activity of the person who guides a team of designers in the development process.

Creative Direction

Creative direction is a field that combines art direction, design leadership, conception and wording.

Art Direction

The term art direction – or artistic direction – summarizes all activities that need to be monitored and designed from an artistic perspective in the course of media production.

Workshop Development

Workshop development is dedicated to topic identification, definition and design of workshops, and design sprints for different stakeholders.