What we believe? What is important to us? Why do we appreciate and love our work?

Every action has an effect


We shape this world. We are aware of our actions. We choose to act responsibly.

We work with brands to create positive commercial and social impacts.

Knowledge and power


Economic, political and social freedoms are no ordinary commodities.

The knowledge of one’s own position in relation to the environment is a prerequisite for a reflective and well thought of design solution.

Collaboration – and innovation


No one stands alone. With new perspectives, prudence and cohesion, we create optimal solutions.

Strategy, design and innovation are often complex issues that are best solved by groups of different people and points of view.

Economy – a tool of our society


The aim of our economy is to promote the common good. In this way it supports places, people, and quality of life.

Design processes can be the key to opening up opportunities for business and product development that ultimately strengthen people and the environment.

Context is everything


Nothing exists only for itself – everything is related, is in motion, changes its shape.

Networked experiences create high-quality communication, regardless of media and technologies.



There are no authentic experiences, no absolute truth, not the one reality.

The question is how we define our role in the world. We are here to help our customers answer this question for themselves.

Exploration & development


Only those who take the time to try new things, to leave familiar structures and ways and to expose themselves to unpleasant things, will create something truly new.

Efficiency is important – but it is not everything.

Do vs. Think


There is practice and skill in every theoretical discussion; every practical discussion is based on theoretical knowledge.

For us, theory and practice are not opposites. They belong together.

Love and pain


Creation should be fun. Those who enjoy being creative will create added value for themselves and in their surroundings.

Designing means recognizing formal, philosophical, and economic conventions and then creating something entirely new. Creation is a complex challenge, the core of our work, and the driving force behind our success.